CancerHelp® Learning Programs for iPad

The CancerHelp Learning Programs for iPad bring cancer patient education to your patients with our unique subscription program. The Learning Programs for iPad engage your patients and their caregivers helping them learn more to better cope with their cancer. The CancerHelp Institute also has options you can order for your iPad including a portable case, desktop stand, or rolling cart with extender arm for iPad.  Learn More.

CancerHelp® Learning Programs for iPad

CancerHelp’s Learning Programs for iPad give patients an engaging way to interact with important cancer topics that can help them do better with their cancer treatment. The CancerHelp Learning Programs for iPad bring together valuable resources for patients and families from the National Cancer Institute (NCI).

View our presentation about the content and features of the CancerHelp Learning Programs for iPad. You can also share this presentation with your cancer or patient education committee.

Celia Muench, our Executive Director, demonstrating the Learning Programs for iPad at CPEN.

The design of the CancerHelp Learning Programs builds on our Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) study with low literacy cancer patients.  Each CancerHelp Learn More About Program includes a Listen and Learn® module with spoken audio of the full text and graphics of award winning NCI publications and enables you to show your own physician video.

The iPad, with its strong support for multimedia, provides a wonderful learning tool for users of all education levels and for those for whom English is a second language.  With special video and the CancerHelp Listen and Learn® modules with spoken audio, users can hear to make learning more engaging.  Users can also read using their vision and the touch of the iPad user-friendly touchscreen lets users have a tactile interaction with learning.

CancerHelp's New Learning Programs for iPad at the Cancer Patient Education Network (CPEN) ConferenceThe iPad makes that learning cost effective and portable so your patients can learn where ever they are. Our secure adjustable height, rolling cart for iPad lets you reach patients in chemotherapy infusion rooms, outpatient waiting rooms, or inpatient rooms. Our tabletop iPad enclosure lets you put CancerHelp Learning Programs anywhere and keeps the iPad secure. Or for the ultimate portability for patient educators and navigators, you can keep the iPad in the protective leather case which has a kick stand for patients to hold or set on a table top. However you house your iPad, you get the best learning programs using the gold standard and reliable content from the National Cancer Institute.

Cancer Patient Education Network (CPEN) Conference Exhibitor

The CancerHelp Institute was an Exhibitor at the CPEN Conference 2012 in Ann Arbor Michigan, hosted by the University of Michigan. It was a great chance to showcase the Learning Programs for iPad and the iPad adjustable height rolling cart, desktop enclosed secure stand, and leather case with kick-stand. The leather case from Brookstone, makes it easy for physicians, nurses, patient educators and navigators to offer the CancerHelp Learning Programs for iPad to patients.

The CancerHelp Learn More About Learning Programs for iPad

Our Learn More About Series of Learning Programs gives your patients focused learning on important topics such as chemotherapy, eating hints, and cancer clinical trials using the full content and graphics of the NCI publications on those topics.

Learn More About Eating Hints

The CancerHelp Learn More About Eating Hints Program for iPad gives your cancer professionals a wonderful learning tool on the iPad to use with your patients and caregivers. Patients want a way to learn about cancer eating topics and problems and the learning program gives them an engaging way to become more knowladgeable about this important topic. Now your nurses, navigators, and nutritionists can prescribe learning to their patients and recommend learning sessions.Click to View BookletLearn More About Eating Hints Contents:

  • CancerHelp's Listen and Learn® Program for the National Cancer Institute (NCI) booklet Eating Hints for Cancer Patients: Before, During, and after Cancer Treatment. This is the NCI's Most Requested patient booklet and includes a comprehensive section on Eating Problems and What to Do About Them.
  • CancerHelp's Read and Learn® with booklets from the NCI now easily accessible to patients. Your staff no longer needs to spend hours ordering booklets for patients.

  • Topics for Your Doctor Communication Tool – An innovative and simple way to encourage your patients and caregivers to identify which topics they would like to discuss today. A simple screen gives them topics related to cancer, nutrition, and eating and lets them mark each with an "X" that they wish to discuss.
  • Physician Videos (Optional) - Now you can include your video of your physicians giving encouragement to patients to learn more about cancer eating.