CancerHelp® Learning Programs for iPad

The CancerHelp Learning Programs for iPad bring cancer patient education to your patients with our unique subscription program. The Learning Programs for iPad engage your patients and their caregivers helping them learn more to better cope with their cancer. The CancerHelp Institute also has options you can order for your iPad including a portable case, desktop stand, or rolling cart with extender arm for iPad.  Learn More.


CancerHelp Lessons from Doing Patient Outcomes Research

The CancerHelp Institute has been participating in research using our user-friendly touchscreen learning programs to find out if it helps improve patient knowledge and health outcomes. The research is with the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and their Department of Medical Social Sciences. For the study involving CancerHelp, CancerHelp desk learning kiosks were placed at 3 locations in Chicago.

Celia Muench, CancerHelp's Executive Director testing the CancerHelp Desk Learning Kiosk at John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital of Cook County as part of Patient Outcomes Research


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