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Radiation Therapy Information for Patients

E-Book Publications from the National Cancer Institute

NCI's popular patient education publications are available in a variety of formats. Download one or more of these booklets to your e-book device, smartphone, or tablet for handy reference, or open them as a PDF directly in the browser. 

Radiation Therapy and You: Support for People With Cancer

Explains the different types of external beam and internal radiation therapy that are used as treatments for cancer. Covers ways that doctors attempt to protect healthy cells from harm. Lists which side effects might result from treatment to specific parts of the body and offers tips for managing them.

Understanding Radiation Therapy: What To Know About Brachytherapy (A Type of Internal Radiation Therapy)

Learn what to expect during internal radiation therapy, also called brachytherapy, and get answers to commonly asked questions.

Understanding Radiation Therapy: What To Know About External Beam Radiation Therapy

Learn what to expect and get answers to commonly asked questions about external beam radiation therapy.

Managing Radiation Side Effects Fact Sheets

Get answers to commonly asked questions about chemotherapy using this interactive pamphlet.

Eating Hints: Before, During, and After Cancer Treatment

Covers eating problems that patients may have during treatment for cancer and ways to manage them.

How to download and view eBooks:


  • Open via the browser on your Kindle.
  • Or, select "Kindle." Then, use a USB cable to transfer the file to your Kindle.

Smartphone or tablet:

  • Via an ePubs app, select "Other eReaders" to download and view.
  • Via a Kindle app, select "Kindle" to download and view.
  • If you don't have an app, select "PDF."

Desktop or laptop computer:

  • Free software is available to read eBooks on your computer. Adobe Digital Editions is one option for ePub and Calibre is one for Kindle.

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